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Slovakia is a beautiful country with many cities that really worth a visit. One of them is Bratislava. It remains in the shadow of a much more widespread Prague, but certainly the city is remarkable. Very famous in Bratislava's Old Town. If we find ourselves in this place early this surely we can see a beautiful view of the rising sun. Bratislava addition, it has a lot of monuments worthy of attention. Among others may be mentioned Bratislava Castle dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth century and the ruins of Devin Castle and the Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral. Martin, Gothic Franciscan Church of the Annunciation of the Lord of 1,297 years, the Baroque church of the Trinitarians, and much, much more.
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Bratislava The largest city, and also the capital of Slovakia is Bratislava, which is situated on the river Danube. Thanks borders with Austria, and Hungary. It is noted in the slightly warmer climate than in our country, and frequently meet there with windy weather. History shows that Bratislava is situated on the former route Route Danube and the Amber Road. And the capital of Slovakia is already January 1993. For this city choose to tourists throughout the year, of course, the best months are listed from April to October. Very interesting is the food and drink in Bratislava. In the city you can see a lot of venues where there are traditional dishes. Prices are comparable to ours, so we should not feel too much when going to this charming city. It is noted, however, that for some time also begins in Bratislava effect of the euro. It has an impact on the growing economic changes in the country. Reflect on the price of goods, which the introduction of the euro is automatically increased. In contrast with such changes should be expected.